Crayola® Partners with Director’s Cut

The Director’s Cut workshops engage young people across Canada in various in-class digital media literacy workshops, including stop motion animation, film making and graphic novel production. Crayola’s partnership with Director’s Cut is designed to support teachers by providing opportunities for students to extend their learning and engagement in the arts towards an extensive digital landscape and story telling platform that encompasses multiple areas of the curriculum.

The videos and corresponding lesson plans on this page can be used as preparation for Director’s Cut workshops or they can simply be used to support other digital media projects in the classroom.  Additional lesson plans can be found in the Lesson Plan section of the website.

To learn more about Director’s Cut workshops visit them at

When people talk to me about the digital divide, I think of it not so much about who has access to what technology as about who knows how to create and express themselves in the new language of the screen. If students aren’t taught the language of sound and images, shouldn’t they be considered as illiterate as if they left college without being able to read and write?”